Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Mode Bridal

Wedding Dress Shopping: Our Top Tips From Mode Bridal


Your wedding dress shopping experience should be like no other! Here at Mode Bridal, we understand how important the bridal journey is and will take the time to understand your needs while providing you with guidance as you search for your perfect wedding dress. Whether you’ve already booked appointments or you are just starting your wedding dress shopping research we’ve put together our top tips for your shopping experience.


Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Mode Bridal

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Do Your Research

You probably already have a roundabout idea of the kind of thing you will want, and how you will want to look on your wedding day. Research into styles you like and styles you don’t like is imperative when it comes to wedding dress shopping. Your initial research will lead you to find the right boutique for you. If you find yourself looking at a particular designer then find out where these dresses are stocked. If you like a particular style then contact your local bridal shops and ask them if they have a good selection of these styles of dresses to try on. If you have no idea what you want then boutique websites are where you should start. Read any reviews and their about section, if you get a good vibe then book an appointment to try on!


Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Mode Bridal

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Book In Advance

Most boutiques will advise you to start shopping approximately one year before your big day. Some dresses can take up to 9 months to order and you will need to factor in time for alterations too, so be prepared and book your appointments in advance. If you are planning a quicker wedding then ask boutiques about the samples they have for sale; we have a whole range here at Mode Bridal. These are off-the-peg and can be taken home the same day. Some designers will also offer a rush order, but this will more often than not come with an extra cost.


Have A Budget

It’s a good idea to have a budget or preferred spend in mind. No matter how big or small that budget is, be open and honest when wedding dress shopping. Let your bridal consultant know so they can help you pick the right dresses for you. Be realistic and don’t try on dresses that are way out of your price range, as this may lead to your disappointment and may mean you compare every dress to the one that is out of your budget. It’s worth remembering that you will probably have alterations costs to factor in too, so make sure you leave some room in your budget for these too.


Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Mode Bridal

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Choose Your Entourage Wisely

Sometimes choosing your entourage for wedding dress shopping can be tricky, especially if you have a large bridal party. At Mode Bridal, we suggest a maximum of three people. This is to minimise opposing opinions and leave you feeling confused if this happens. Your wedding dress is about your likes and dislikes but some people feel the pressure to try and please everyone! Pick people who are supportive and will offer constructive criticism (if there is any). If you want to include everyone and you have multiple appointments booked then take different people to different appointments.


Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Mode Bridal

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Think About Your Venue

It’s not essential but it may be worth thinking about your venue! If you’re having an outdoor wedding or you want to dance the night away with ease then a big ballgown isn’t always practical. If you need your arms covered for the ceremony then make sure you tell your bridal consultant this. Set your requirements for your wedding day out and this will make it easier in the long run.


Wear the Right Underwear

Neutral or white underwear is always the best option when wedding dress shopping. If you can wear something as close as what you will wear on your wedding day, as we all know how underwear can change the look of a dress! If a strapless bra is an option for you then go strapless. If shapewear makes you feel more confident and you’ll be wearing it on your wedding day then wear it to your appointment.


Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Mode Bridal

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Listen To Your Gut Feeling

You need to not only look but feel amazing in your dress – your gut feeling will tell you whether it’s a potential dress for the big day. Take advice from your bridal consultants and your entourage and keep an open mind when trying dresses on, but ultimately you will know if you feel good in something!

Enjoy Your Consultation

Wedding dress shopping is playing the ultimate dress-up so enjoy it! There will be dresses you hate and dresses you love, but the main thing is to enjoy the experience and most of all have fun!


Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Mode Bridal

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At Mode Bridal our one-to-one appointments are held with our knowledgeable and passionate team members who are at hand to help you select the perfect dress for you, plus most of our gowns can be customised to achieve your bridal vision too! If you would like to book a wedding dress shopping appointment with us get in touch!

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