Which style of Vintage are you?

Posted on 08/11/2014. Written by Jana Svalbe.

Mode Bridal is a very proud stockist of wedding dresses by the award winning designer Terry Fox, who has been credited with bringing vintage back to British brides. She loves creating unique wedding dresses that have that vintage vibe.

But when you think of a vintage wedding dress, each of you will have a very different image in your mind. Some of you will picture something loose fitting, with dropped waist and elaborate beading with that Downton Abbey feel; where others will see fitted flowing silk gowns from a Hollywood movie; or a lovely hourglass silhouette, little white glows and knee length dress so in vogue in fifities ; or perhaps a barefoot bride with a lose and flowing gown and some flowers in her hair...

Whatever sparks your imagination, we want to take you on a journey of vintage, so you can find the perfect style for you.


This era was all about shorter hemlines (often mid-calf) and loose fitting dresses with dropped waste. The look was finished with Juliet cap and a long cathedral- length veil. Ornate beading and strings of pearls were a perfect finishing touch for creating an opulent look.


Influenced by the silver screen and Hollywood glamour, the wedding dress fashion turned to close fitting silk gowns that would sweep the floor and radiate elegance and sophistication. It was all about the cut and the flow of the fabric, with very little embellishments used. Rhinestone jewellery, wraps and stoles became the must have accessories of 30s bride.


With the world at war again, the white wedding was something of a luxury and the brides had to be very creative. This is when colour truly entered the wedding fashion with red gowns and skirt suits being particularly popular. The most iconic gown of the 40s was of course that of Princes Elizabeth. Ivory satin dress was embellished with shimmering floral garlands, sea pearls, sparkling crystals and glistening silver threads.


Bridal fashion in 50s was all about fun and playfulness. Hourglass silhouettes, tiny fitted waists, just over the knee-length dresses, little white glows, bridal jackets and stiletto heels. The most iconic dress symbolising this era was that worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1954.


This is when mini dresses came into fashion and many brides chose to wear them with white tights and knee high boots or flat shoes. Whether you were mini or maxi girl one thing was a must- it was all about slim fitting gowns. Empire waistlines and A-line gowns were all the fashion.


This is the era of the bohemian bride and the bridal fashion can be best described as relaxed. It was all about loose fitting, light and floaty maxi dresses with a romantic medieval feel. The look was finished with the bride having loose hair decorated with floral circlets- the perfect Boho look.

We have taken you on a brief journey of the bridal fashion and hope that this will help you to find your perfect Vintage Wedding Style. We will be exploring each of these fascinating eras in more detail in our blogs very soon, so watch this space!... and of course do not forget to check out our website where you can find some gorgeous vintage inspired wedding gowns.

Jana Svalbe
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