Top Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on 02/4/2015. Written by Jana Svalbe.

Wedding planning, looking for the best wedding venue, searching for that perfect wedding dress and doing it all with a budget in mind can be both very exciting and very overwhelming at the same time. Before you know it everybody has an idea on what you should and shouldn't do, there is family to please, friends to consider and a whole load of wedding suppliers to talk to.

So- how to strike the balance and make sure that you make the best of your budget and have the perfect wedding day? The best advice comes from the brides who have been through the experience and can share their tips on wedding Do's and Don'ts

Do negotiate with your wedding suppliers

Particularly if you are planning a wedding that is not in a wedding peak season. Summer is the busiest time for tying the knot, where in the winter months suppliers are often less busy and having a booking at a lower price is better than not having one at all. You might not always be successful, but if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Don't try to keep everybody happy

It is very easy to get engrossed in the advice from your friends and family and feel a little overwhelmed and confused. They have the very best intentions and you will find some of their practical tips very useful, but this is your day and it has to reflect your and your groom's personality and individuality. I remember my mum trying to persuade me to buy a lace wedding dress; and as much as lace wedding dresses look absolutely gorgeous on some brides, I felt like a doily wearing one. But as all mums do, she realised that is about me being happy on the day so we went for something with few embellishments and no lace.

Do get your groom to surprise you with the honeymoon

This will give your husband-to-be a chance to make a really great contribution to the wedding planning, add some excitement to your honeymoon and will also be one less thing for you to worry about!

Don't be distracted by providing expensive favours

Although they are a nice touch, their contribution to the overall feel of your wedding will be minimal. There are so many nice ideas on-line for wedding favours giving you plenty of inspiration to create something personal, memorable and inexpensive.

Do have a test PHOTO SHOOT with your photographer

The wedding photos are one thing that you will have to look back at and share with your future family and friend. Therefore being totally comfortable with the work that the wedding photographer can produce is key. Their work might look amazing, but you need to be sure that they understand your style and can capture you as a couple well. Plus this will get you a chance to get use to the camera before the wedding day itself.

Don't compromise on entertainment

I often come across various wedding info graphics and one thing that comes up time and time again in relation to biggest regrets of the couple reflecting on their wedding day is the wedding entertainment. So many couples regret not having spent that little bit extra to have somebody that can truly entertain their wedding guests and get the party going. After all entertainment is about having fun a good time, so that is what will set the tone for the party and stay in your and your wedding guests memories.

Do take time during the wedding day to just sit back and enjoy your wedding day

All that wedding planning can take months, even years- and it all comes down to just one day. So make sure that you find the time to just relax and enjoy the moments, they will be the ones that will stay in your memory forever!

Jana Svalbe
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