3 Top Tips for buying a wedding dress

Posted on 07/4/2015. Written by Jana Svalbe.

We have put together a few simple and practical tips that will help brides to choose the right wedding dress

Should I buy a wedding dress that is on trend?

Wedding trends like fashion trends will come and go, but there are those timeless pieces that will always look good. Fortunately for modern brides 2015 and 2016 wedding trends are all about red carpet inspired elegance and timeless gowns that represent bride’s personality. It’s important to remember that it is not the trend that matters; it is how the dress makes you look and feel, so always go with what makes you look and feel the best.

What to look for in a wedding dress?

Brides often have a vision of their dream wedding dress and in so many cases they buy something that is totally different than what they had imagined. That is because when it comes down to the decision on which wedding dress to buy it is all about what flatters your body the best. So be open-minded and look for the best wedding dress shape for your body.

Quality of fabrics and the workmanship of your bridal gown are also very important. You will be surprised how camera pics up these little details and you don’t want your wedding dress to look cheap in your wedding photos.

What are practical things to do to make sure that the wedding dress is right for me?

Make sure you move about in the wedding dress when trying it on. You are not going to be standing still all day, so make sure you walk around, sit down in the dress, walk up and down the stairs if possible. Your wedding day is a party and you are likely to dance and walk about to mingle with your wedding guests. It does not matter how gorgeous the wedding dress might look, if it is stopping you from having fun it is not the right one.

Jana Svalbe
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