Peacock Wedding Theme Ideas

Posted on 23/4/2015. Written by Jana Svalbe.

Peacock Wedding Theme Ideas was a topic featured in the latest Brides Magazine, which gave me the inspiration to start doing my Peacock Wedding research. Very quickly it became apparent that pulling off this very classic wedding theme is harder that it first seams.

Internet is full of photos of peacock wedding invitations, peacock wedding flowers, peacock wedding cakes and you can even find peacock wedding dresses, but the loud and vibrant colours are often so overwhelming that brides are at a danger of making their wedding theme look too tacky and somewhat cheap.

The most common mistake brides make when planning their peacock wedding is using all the colours at once and using them on everything!  So we have pulled together some peacock wedding theme ideas that will help you to make your wedding theme have the wow factor whilst looking elegant and stylish.

Chose elegant pieces that will give your peacock wedding theme sophisticated feel

For our inspiration board, we have chosen Carrera Venecia wedding dress by the amazing Italian designer Anna Tumas- you can find more pictures HERE. This wedding dress is very simple in its shape, yet it accentuates the feminine silhouette beautifully; and the back of the wedding dress with its detailed embellishments on the train gives it all the grace and striking beauty associated with the peacock. Add some gorgeous Sergio Rossi wedding shoes in peacock wedding theme colours and you have a strikingly elegant bridal look.

A statement wedding flower arrangement using these bright peacock wedding theme colours will give your wedding day a the wow factor, particularly if you place it so that it is the first thing your wedding guest see when they arrive at your wedding venue.

Little touches create perfection for your peacock wedding theme

Peacock Themed Weddings

When it comes to peacock wedding theme the little touches are the ones that can create perfection; and they do not have to blow your wedding budget. Like these lasercut paper peacock wedding placeholders from at a cost of only 13p per item! Use of the peacock bird shape in white with the names of your wedding guests is a very personal touch that incorporates the peacock into the wedding themes in a very elegant and subtle way.

We have also found some beautifully decorated cake knifes that incorporate your peacocks wedding theme perfectly. And the peacock wedding theme would not be complete without the peacock feathers, so placing few into your wedding bouquet and centrepieces can look fabulous.

Peacock Wedding Theme loves white

Yes, white! Not the colour found on the peacock feather, but perfect for peacock wedding theme. It makes a great canvas that allows you to show off all your other beautiful touches such as centrepieces and chair deco. So go for white tablecloth and chair covers that will contrast the peacock wedding colours used in your wedding decorations beautifully and give your wedding a crisp and elegant feel.

What about peacock wedding theme and bridesmaid dresses?

As much as it is very tempting to dress up your bridesmaids in bright bridesmaid dresses full of colour and feather motives, it is a high risk strategy. You are at risk of a total peacock wedding colour overload and your bridesmaids getting lost amongst all the other gorgeous wedding decorations and wedding flowers. A great way of balancing this is by choosing one colour from your peacock feather wedding theme and using this for your bridesmaid dresses. We have chosen navy blue, which fits into the peacock wedding theme perfectly and gives a very elegant look and feel to the wedding day.

Jana Svalbe
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