DIY Wedding Or Not To DIY Wedding

Posted on 03/2/2017. Written by Jana Svalbe.

To DIY Wedding Or Not To DIY Wedding – Which Option Is Right For You?

The DIY wedding – a wedding where couples practically organise and make everything themselves – has risen in popularity over the last few years, but is it right for you? We uncover the pros and cons of doing it yourself versus getting help, along with tips and tricks to ensure your DIY wedding day elements are as dreamy as you envisage.

DIY Wedding Pros

From wedding blogs to glossy magazines, DIY weddings have become more and more popular with couples who want to create their day, their way. It’s estimated that four in five couples now opt to DIY-it rather than choose from package options. This allows them to choose exactly what they want from their big day – from the venue to the décor, food to entertainment and so much more. The wedding planning world really is your oyster if you’re able to organise and plan each perfect detail yourself. Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest factors for choosing a DIY wedding is budget. With the ‘average’ UK wedding now costing well over £25,000, it is easy to see why brides and grooms are choosing to take matters into their own hands and do it themselves; saving themselves thousands of pounds in the process.

DIY Wedding Cons

Of course, doing it all yourself doesn’t come without its stresses.In fact, getting married is actually listed as one of the ten most stressful life events – and that’s not just when you’re physically doing everything. Remembering to organise and make every last detail; from decorating your dream wedding venue to baking wedding cakes or even making your own wedding dress can be overwhelming and lead couples to not enjoy the run-up to their wedding day. Also, it’s worth noting that wedding suppliers; be it photographers, caterers, cake makers, florists, venue decorators or DJ’s are professionals and will often have a contingency plan in place, should something go wrong. If you’re trying to take all of this work on by yourself (or as a couple!), will you be able to not stress and get any issues sorted out in time?

Not DIY Wedding Pros

For some couples the idea of planning absolutely everything is understandably terrifying and can even prevent them from getting married. Whilst you may not have control over the smaller details, wedding planners and venue wedding coordinators will be on-hand to help you, throughout the whole process, using their years of experience. By choosing a venue with a co-ordinator and their trusted suppliers, couples still can have their say on food, entertainment and décor, without the worry and stress of pulling of a perfect day on their own.

Not DIY Wedding Cons

Not planning, making and creating every last detail for your wedding day comes of course with its plus points, but will you regret not injecting your personalities into your wedding? Many formal venues will only work with their recommended suppliers, so your choice may be limited. By having a dedicated wedding planner or co-ordinator organising your day may also make you feel out of the loop and not in control of your wedding plans. Also, wedding planners and coordinators (even as part of your venue), come at a cost – does the cost of this out-way the stress for you?

Should I Have A DIY Wedding Or Not?

This all comes down to you and your partner and how hands on you want to be. If you want full control over all elements of your wedding – and are happy to dedicate time to make and create, or have a small budget; go for it! But, if you’re easily stressed, have only a few months ‘till your big day and don’t fancy taking everything on; don’t DIY. Only you know what will suit you and your partner!

Tips For DIY Weddings

Whether you’re now planning on getting stuck in and having a full DIY wedding or just want to incorporate a few DIY wedding details into your big day, here’s a few tips for you:

Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time. Like most tasks, you don’t realise how time-consuming things can be until you get started.

Don’t try to overdo it. Plan what you want to do, when you need to do it by and stick to it. Try not to overwhelm yourself with too many ideas or complicated processes.

Pinterest perfection. Pinterest is many a crafty bride (and groom)’s best friend. Create a secret board of inspiration. There’s plenty of décor tutorials to pin too!

Have crafty afternoons and hen parties. Spend time with your Mr or Mrs to-be by making things for your big day. Crafty hen parties are also really popular with DIY brides, giving them the opportunity to create details for the wedding whilst having fun!

Stick to the budget. With so many ideas, it’s easy to get carried away when planning your DIY wedding. Set an amount for the elements you’re DIY-ing (flowers, cake, decorations etc.) and stick to it.

Rope in family and friends to help. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Mums, dads, bridesmaids, best men, grans, aunts, uncles and friends all want to be involved too – let them help you to create the day of your dreams!

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