4 Very Different Wedding Cakes

Posted on 13/4/2015. Written by Jana Svalbe.

For those bride’s that are looking for something non-traditional when it comes to wedding cake, we have found these four very gorgeous and very different wedding cake ideas inspired by our European neighbours.

Traditional Spanish Wedding Cake

The traditional Spanish wedding cakes (photo above) are not particularly tall, nor are they white. They are mostly single layered and filled with coconuts, almonds, pecans and pineapples soaked in rum and are decorated with red frosting with traditional lace motifs. The deco is very distinctive so when you see a Spanish wedding cake, you will recognise it straight away.

French Wedding Cake or Croquembouche

Name croquembouche comes from the French words croque en bouche meaning ‘crunch in the mouth’. This cake is made from profiterole balls that are bound together with caramel in to a high cone shape and covered with threads of caramel, sugared almonds, chocolate or macaroons.  The cake is also used for Christenings and is popular not only in France but also Italy.

Italian Milefoglie Wedding Cake

You can be spoilt for choice with Italian wedding cakes and for every region you will have a very delicious and different signature cake. However they all have one thing in common and that is fresh ingredients. One of my favourites in Millefoglie  which literally means “thousand layers”. This traditional Italian wedding cake is made up of many thin sheets of filo-like pastry or puff pastry and layers are filled with a light cream and mascarpone and topped with berries or fresh fruit and a dusting of powdered sugar. This is very pretty cake, which does not tower up due to the way the ingredients hold together.

German Wedding Cake or Baumkuchen

Baumkuchen is probably the most difficult cake to make so it is not surprising that it is saved for very special occasions. The baker creates perfectly round cake rings by baking them on a rotisserie. The fresh pastry is poured on layer by layer whist cake is being rotated and the skill is in timing the layers so they are perfectly cooked and do not dry out whilst remaining nice and thin. The Baumkuchen is also called a Tree Cake, because the layers of golden rings look like a tree when cut. It can be served on its own or filled and decorated with cream and fresh fruit.

Which one is your favourite?

Jana Svalbe
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