10 Things The Magazines Won't Tell You About Planning Your Wedding

Posted on 16/9/2016. Written by Jana Svalbe.

So your favourite TV programme is “Don’t Tell the Bride” and your coffee table is covered with wedding magazines but here we tell you 10 things that the magazines won’t tell you about planning your dream wedding.

1. Make a list of things to bring back
All the magazines will tell you to make sure you have a list of things to take with you on your big day but few will ever mention what you should bring back from your wedding. From keeping an order of service for the day to making sure your hand crafted bunting is saved, make a list of things to bring back from your wedding and make sure this is given to your venue coordinator.

2. Get someone to download guest photos
Give someone the job of collecting guest photos of your big day. Armed with a laptop and a memory card reader they will be able to get a copy of photos that you may never have seen otherwise and that capture the atmosphere of your big day. Some of these photos could end up becoming the ones that you cherish the most from your wedding. There are also some great apps such as WedPics that can be used to collect the photos from all your guests.

3. Agree expectations with those contributing to your wedding budget
With the average wedding in the UK costing £24,000 it is one of the most expensive days of your life and one that you may need help paying for. When you announce your engagement your families may say they will help with the costs but in order to create your budget it is important to find out exactly what help they will provide. Also if they are going to be giving you a big chunk of your budget then there may be strings attached, from where they want you to have your big day to who should be on the guest list. Having an open and honest talk about this will help to avoid problems down the line when your great aunt who you haven’t seen in 10 years has been left off your wedding invites.

4. Ditch traditions you don’t like
Just because something is a tradition, it doesn’t mean you have to include it in your wedding day. Everything from having the speeches after the meal to the tossing of your bridal bouquet should be considered and done the way that you want. From running order of speeches to the actual wedding cake, don’t feel you have to stick with tradition if it’s not what you want.

5. Do you really need that fancy car
With more and more venues offering all in one wedding packages having a fancy car drive you to the venue no longer be the best option for most people. If your ceremony and reception are in the same place then consider if that wedding car is really needed or if you’d be better off spending that money on something else like your wedding photographer.

6. Hire the best photographer you can
One of the best ways to remember your wedding is by looking through your wedding album so make sure you get the best photographer you can. You only get one chance to capture those priceless moments on your wedding day from exchanging your vows and your first kiss to cutting of the cake and all the intimate moments in between. Picking a photographer with a great portfolio and lots of testimonials is one of the best investments you can make.

7. People will want to know when you will be starting a family
Your wedding day hasn’t even begun and already your friends and family are asking when you will be planning on having a baby. With all your energy focused on your wedding day this can come as a big surprise and leave you feeling emotional. Be prepared for lots of baby talk, especially in the first few months following your wedding because people will want something else to get excited about.

8. DIY touches will be the most memorable
Some of the most memorable things at your wedding will be the little DIY touches. Whether you and your bridesmaids have handmade the wedding favours or you have made some bunting, these little touches will help make the day unique to you. They will also make the perfect keepsakes that you can bring out in the future as part of memory box to help you relive the fun of your wedding day.

9. You will have at least one unexpected expense
It goes without saying that no matter how well planned your wedding is there will always be some sort of unexpected expense. Having a buffer in place of 5 – 10% of your budget will help to reduce the stress caused by extra expenses and mean that you can keep your wedding planning on track.


10. Hire a professional to do your flowers
It can be tempting to try and cut costs by doing as much as you can yourself but hiring a professional florist can actually work out cheaper, not to mention a lot less stressful. Not only can they get great deals on wholesale flowers but they will also do all the hard work of storing and arranging the flowers that will need to be done on the day of your wedding.

Photograph by sanshinephotography.com

Jana Svalbe
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